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Our company has reach experience in vessel's Dry-dock repairs execution.

We offer different kind of repairs for sea- and river-going vessels including full complex of dock and accompanying works.

Repairs are carried out at the leading Ukrainian shipyards in accordance with signed Contracts for cooperation (between SIGO MARINE and Yards)

Major part of works is carried out by our specialists and under our technical management, thus it allows us to reduce time for repair and gives competitive prices and payment conditions to our Customers.

Our specialists can compose repair specifications upon preliminary estimation/detection of hull and superstructure steel constructions .Thus, the Ship owner will see the true condition of metal structures before repair and it will help to plan the budget for it

Our supply department as well as brokers ensure in-time delivery of spare parts on board during repair.

Also our specialists provide a variety of planned/emergency repairs during voyage and during cargo operations in Ukrainian ports or all-over the world upon agreement with our Customer. This type of cooperation allows the Shipowner/Operator to reduce works during docking period, which finally reduces the total time and cost of repairs.

All our specialists are holders of traveling passports and visas, which allows joining the vessel in the shortest possible time at any port in the world

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